Initially made for the JamCraft 2018.


  • Arrows to move and jump
  • X to do a quick attack, Z to do an heavy one
  • C to open the crafting menu, drag and drop to craft combo


  • Are built and executed in order from left to right. To execute them, use quick and heavy attacks in the same order of the combo.
  • To start the execution of a combo you must have equipped the same item of the first move in the combo.
  • You can stop a combo execution at any moment. The last item you used in that combo will be equipped.

You can add spells ( only one at the moment ) to an attack and it will be fired when that attack is executed.

More content and gameplay ( and balancing ) in development. Comment to let me know what you think, report a problem or suggest an improvement ;)

Published 34 days ago
StatusIn development

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