New Stage and Mechanics

Now you can fight on a completely new stage: Airship. There are more gaps and oblique walls and platforms where projectiles can bounce. A joy for long ranged or strategic attacks. The stage comes along with a new unique ost.

In this game I would like players to make combos, and for this reason, now you can't spam standard attacks anymore. Above the players' indicators there is now a new bar: the combo-meter! It fills up by landing a non-standard attack (cap at 15 hits) and you can use it to do damage with standard attacks. This should add depth to the game but it maybe doesn't, let me know with a comment. Also, there are stocks too!

In the previous update crouching and ledge grappling were added. You can crouch to launch your attacks up instead of forward, and you can still attack when on a ledge. Use these techniques at your advantage.

Also item containers were added. You will now start matches with only a weapon, but you can equip yourself by hitting these containers until their health reaches the zero. If you launch them away, you have to retry with the next one. They have the same chances to spawn of an health container.

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