A short linear adventure game about solving problems with two characters of different size. Made for the lowrez 2018 game jam.

See how the world changes when you switch from a human to a spider. Use both of them to interact with the levels and to find a way out from the cave.

Controls: Left/Right arrows or A/D to move. As a spider, you can climb walls by walking against them. Up arrow or W to interact. When there are multiple interactions on screen, use Up/W for the top one and Down/S for the bottom one.

I may update the game further after the jam finishes ;)

Font used : m5x7 by daniel linssen, Wizard by Omegaville

Software used: Godot Engine 3.1, Aseprite, LMMS


cave-trapped_for_linux.zip 30 MB
cave-trapped_for_windows.zip 31 MB

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