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Gravity will follow your orders. The protagonist of this game is a robot capable of distorting gravity. Explore the deserted city to uncover its past.

In this prototype you can play three levels and a boss fight. You can also customize the playable character.


Player abilities:

  • Standard Gravity Point: From the start you get a simple gravity point that attracts nearby objects towards its center.
  • Fixed Gravity Point: A permanent gravity point which helps you at distance.
  • Pocket Black Hole: A small black hole that allows you to move heavier items by eating them when they get close.
  • Freeze: Stop nearby objects in time, allowing you to solve time based puzzles.

World interactions:

  • Electricity: If you need to power some electric device it may be useful to take with you a battery or transmit electricity through metallic items.
  • Water: Electronic devices and (enemy) robots can be disabled using water. It's easy to transport water using gravity points.
  • Laser: These beams of light are influenced by gravity points and their trajectory can be bent, if you need to redirect a signal from a receiver to another.

More abilities and interactions will be present in the final game.

Originally made for the 2019 GMTK Game Jam.


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Autonomous Singularity - Concept Demo 4 108 MB
Autonomous Singularity - Concept Demo 3 107 MB
Autonomous Singularity - Concept Demo 2 87 MB
Autonomous Singularity - Concept Demo 1 84 MB
Autonomous Singularity - Jam Version 37 MB

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